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Russia monitors 1,300 satellites in space, including 170 military ones

Moscow, 2 December: The Russian space galaxy, which is under control of Russian Space Forces, was enlarged on Sunday [2 December] with three military satellites, ITAR-TASS has learnt at the press service of Russian Space Forces. According to the press service, the Kosmos-2380, Kosmos-2381 and Kosmos-2382 were put into high circular orbits.

The press service reported that the Russian space military service took the above spacecraft under constant monitoring and control. The space control systems now follow around 9,000 objects, including various fragments.

The number of constantly controlled spacecraft tops 1,300 satellites, out of which 170 are of military designation. Military experts note that the Russian military grouping is gradually reviving and assuming a qualitatively new nature. It now consists of 100 spacecraft of civil, military and dual designation. Seven new satellites will be added to the grouping in December.

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