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JRL #5576 Contents:

1. Reuters: Russian navy chiefs axed, experts see Kursk link.
2. AFP: Gorbachev leaves hospital, no engagements for a week: Interfax.
3. BBC Monitoring: Return of Yeltsin to CIS scene - TV shows Russian leader thanking him.
4. Interfax: Putin hails party merger, warns against "ruling party" tag.
5. Interfax: Russia investment abroad outstrips foreign investment at home.
6. The Sunday Times (UK): Russians in Kabul on spying mission. THE Kremlin has sent a group of intelligence agents to Kabul to gather information about Chechen followers of the Taliban, writes Mark Franchetti.
7. BBC Monitoring: Russian Communist leader comments on merging congress of power party.
8. BBC Monitoring: Newspaper gives line-up and media leanings in Kremlin split.
9. strana.ru: Gleb Pavlovsky: “Kremlin-3.” Controversy between officials displayed in press may open the way to “a third force.” Political scientist Gleb Pavlovsky gives Strana.Ru his view on tough political polemics in the Russian media.
10. Moscow Tribune: Stanislav Menshikov, US RECESSION IS NOW OFFICIAL. But Russia Has Yet To Determine Its Policies.
11. Robert Bruce Ware: West Missed bin Laden's Nuclear Wake-up Call from Chechnya
12. Jeffrey Barrie: re 5575-Pro-Putin Parties/Russian Party of Pensioners.
13. The Russia Journal: Gordon Hahn, U.S. administration learns to look right way. After a decade of misguided policy, Russia is no longer seen as a threat.