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JRL #5555 Contents:

1. Viorsty: MY FRIEND? MY ENEMY? (poll)
2. Nezavisimaya Gazeta: DID THE BUSH-PUTIN SUMMIT LIVE UP TO EXPECTATIONS? (Interview with Bruce Blair and Sergei Rogov)
3. Interfax: USA welcomes dialogue between Russians and Chechen separatists - ambassador.
4. Interfax: Russian humanitarian groups send Putin details of Chechnya violations.
5. AFP: Horrors of Russian prisons exposed in Moscow exhibit.
6. Los Angeles Times editorial: Using Leverage in the 'Stans'
7. Newsday editorial: Bush & Putin: Personal Warmth Isn't a Foreign Policy.
8. Financial Times (UK) editorial: Seeking the beef at the barbecue.
9. Novoe Vremya: BRIBERY AGAIN. (poll)
10. Vek: Sergei Norka, DOES PUTIN HAVE ENOUGH TIME? Will President Putin run in the next presidential election?
11. Taipei Times: Jonathan Power, Russia ready to join up with rest of the Continent. Welcoming Russia into the European fold would allow the EU to achieve more than it has ever dared aspire to and help stabilize a grand continental union of its members.
12. Financial Post (Canada): Claudia Cattaneo, Russia likely to come around to production cuts, oilman says: Eventually likely to accept OPEC position.
13. Financial Times (UK): Andrew Jack, Putin's search abroad for Chechen solutions may stoke problems at home: Sidelining the republic's leaders could push them further into the hands of international Islamic groups.
14. Novoye Vremya: LUKIN: RUSSIA IS NOT CLOSED IN ON ITSELF. An interview with Duma Deputy Speaker Vladimir Lukin.