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JRL #5549 Contents:

1. Reuters: Bush, Putin Seal Friendship Before Students.
2. strana.ru: Vladimir Putin: Russia is Ready to Accept Rapprochement with NATO with Regard to its Own Interests.
3. Itar-Tass: Russian ombudsman fiercely critical of human rights situation in Russia.
4. BBC Monitoring: Russia's science brain drain slows but not helped by poor wages.
5. Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Sergey Oznobishchev and Igor Runov, Comrades in Arms in Arms or Brothers in Reason? (Russian-US Cooperation Seen Requiring Trade, Economic Underpinning)
6. Obshchaya Gazeta: Michael McFaul and Nikolai Zlobin, A Half-Democratic Russia will always be a Half-Ally to the US.
7. Obshchaya Gazeta: Maksim Glikin and Dmitriy Dokuchayev, From Fine Tuning to a Pressure Point Attack. (Russian White House Corruption Viewed)
8. Baltimore Sun: Will Englund, Scraping along in Tajikistan. Poverty: Desperate women gather their children and flee the countryside, devastated by war and drought, for the capital, where making a precarious living requires paying exorbitant bribes.
9. San Jose Mercury News: Dave Montgomery, Russians caution against undue optimism. TALIBAN MAY SOON START GUERRILLA WAR.