Old Saint Basil's Cathedral in MoscowJohnson's Russia List title and scenes of Saint Petersburg
Excerpts from the JRL E-Mail Community :: Founded and Edited by David Johnson

1. Reuters: Russian designer Chapurin on fashion's cutting edge.
2. Boston Globe: Mikhail Gorbachev, Eliminate the tools of future terrorism.
3. Itar-Tass: Russia welcomes US moves to scrap trade restrictions.
4. BBC Monitoring: Test cancellations signal greater US flexibility on ABM says Russian paper.
5. The Russia Journal: Otto Latsis, No more confrontation. But Putinís U.S. stance faces opposition.
6. The Russia Journal: Gordon Hahn, Time for radical rethinking on NATO and Russia.
7. BBC Monitoring: Russian experts discuss Bin-Ladin's possible nuclear plot.
8. BBC Monitoring: Is Uzbekistan Threatened with the Fate of Pakistan? - Kyrgyz paper.
9. Los Angeles Times: Brett Wagner, A Chance to Avoid Nuclear Disaster.
10. New York Times: David Sanger, THE BIG THREE. For Moscow, Beijing and Washington, a Common Goal.
11. Toronto Sun: Matthew Fisher, A final dispatch from the front. In his farewell submission to the Sun, our globetrotting correspondent introduces us to one last unforgettable character. (DJ: I'm sorry to hear Matthew's news. His reporting from Russia has been a highlight of JRL since1996.