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Russia will not enter arms race, will seek cheapest defence methods - expert

Moscow, 13 May: Russia is not intending to get drawn into an arms race and will search for the least expensive methods of defence in the sphere of national security, one of the developers of the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation up to 2020, vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, academician Aleksandr Nekipelov, told RIA Novosti today, commenting on the document which was adopted on Tuesday (12 May).

"Russia will look for the least costly methods of protection in the area of defence and national security," he said.

According to him, in this area, it is necessary to rely not only on military methods, which are of course important, but also on diplomacy, the stirring up of public opinion, and the extensive explanation of one's position.

"In this way, we get a comprehensive approach to the solution of this problem, which is undoubtedly correct," Nekipelov said.

Asked whether the USA's position on the issue of achieving military superiority is impeding the establishment of full friendly relations with the country, he said," Of course it is impeding."

"But this does not mean that these problems should not be overcome on the basis of an honest and open policy, the explanation of one's point of view and an attempt to explain that this is not in America's interests either," he said.

He emphasized that, ultimately, the USA is also experiencing not the best of times in the development of its economy on account of the financial and economic crisis which broke out in 2008. At the same time, he urged not to link certain remnants in American foreign policy with the new administration of Barack Obama.

"All foreign policy issues should not be linked with President Obama since positive trends in the negotiation process on disarmament and on the establishment of trust-based relations in foreign policy between our countries have emerged with his arrival," Nekipelov said.