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Ukraine accuses Russia of "gas attack" - Yushchenko Secretariat

KYIV. Jan 13 (Interfax) - A new stage of the "gas attack" against Ukraine's independence is beginning in Ukraine, which is aimed at saving Russia's Gazprom form bankruptcy by obtaining control over the Ukrainian gas pipeline, said Andrei Kislinsky, deputy head of the Ukrainian presidential secretariat.

"Every day of the 'gas war', which increasingly resembles the blockade of Leningrad after the failure of the 'blitzkrieg' in the first part of January, exacerbates the financial problems of Gazprom. The transition from 'brotherly' to market relations with Ukraine in the gas sphere, which means the need to pay an additional $4 billion in favor of Ukraine every day, will mean the bankruptcy of the gas monopolist," said Kislinsky.

Kislinsky believes the only way Gazprom can save itself is by assuming control over the Ukrainian gas transport system, the Ukrainian presidential press service reported on Tuesday. "For this purpose, the Russian authorities are using all their resources to wage a 'gas war' (against Ukraine). We are talking first of all about making President Viktor Yushchenko, who is blocking the national energy security surrender scenario, step down as president," he said.

Ukraine's Communists remain "faithful supporters of Russia's interests" and get "stable and generous funding from abroad," said Kislinsky.