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From: "Igor Shpilenok Russian Nature Photography" <info@shpilenok.com>
Subject: Kamchatka: Wilderness at the Edge - new book!
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009

Many of you know Igor Shpilenok's work through his website and nature magazines. Some of you may have one of his fine prints. Others have seen him at work in the field on Kamchatka or elsewhere. Still others know of Igor from my book "The Storks' Nest" and saw his photos in my slide show on tour last year.

Whatever the connection, I wanted to let you know that Igor's new photo book Kamchatka: Wilderness at the Edge has just come out, together with nature photographer Patricio Robles Gil. Igor's inspiring narrative on encounters with bears, Steller's sea-eagles, and life in wilds of Kamchatka is interspersed with spectacular photos of wildlife by Igor and Patricio. The text was translated to English and edited by me. It is really a lovely little book with a nice hard-cover gift box. It would make a great present!

Please help us spread the word and let people know who might be interested, and don't forget to pick up copies for yourself and all your friends :) The book is only available through the Wild Foundation webstore, where proceeds will go to help the Wild Foundation.


Thanks to all and best wishes, Laura

Igor is a member of the International League of Nature Photographers. Special thanks to Patricio Robles Gil for all his efforts on this book, part of the Voces de la Tierra series. And thanks to Vance Martin of Wild Foundation for making the book available!