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Russian presidential administration drafts new anti-corruption package

MOSCOW. April 21 (Interfax) - The Russian presidential administration has prepared four new anti-corruption decrees, one of which compels chiefs of state corporations to declare their property.

"The package consisting of a total of 146 pages includes four draft decrees," Valentin Mikhailov, chief advisor at the Russian President's Public Legal Department, said at a roundtable meeting on Tuesday entitled,

"The institution of public and parliamentary control over compliance with the Russian anti-corruption laws and related legislation."

The meeting is taking place in the State Duma at the proposal of the security committee and the parliamentary commission for anti-corruption legislation.

Mikhailov explained the essence of the prepared documents. One decree contains a list of persons who will be liable to submit information about their property, he said. "The second (document) sets out the procedure of submitting such information. We are talking about Russian governmental officials and those holding positions filled by election, namely: the Russian President, the Prime Minister, ministers, the State Duma members and the Federation Council members, federal judges, the chairman of the Accounts Chamber, the secretary of the Security Council, and Russian regional executive officials," Mikhailov said.

The third document regulates the publishing of information about the property of this group of individuals, he said. The fourth and most controversial decree applies to chief executives of state corporations, the chief advisor said.