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Medvedev to speak on Internet development through Live Journal

HELSINKI/MOSCOW. April 21 (Interfax) - President Dmitry Medvedev will speak to the Internet community in his first video address on Live Journal, and he will say what the state must do for the development of the Internet, Medvedev's Press Secretary Natalya Timakova said.

"A Russian Internet forum will open tomorrow. In his first video address on Live Journal the president will congratulate the participants in the forum and say what he thinks about the Internet and what the state should do to promote its development," Timakova said.

"Technologically, the president's website in Live Journal will open on Tuesday. It will appear on Live Journal officially on Wednesday," she said.

The president's web page in Live Journal "will be interesting not only to the Kremlin but to Internet users in general," she added.

Experts who were preparing the president's web page in Live Journal said that jointly with Live Journal they had devised methods to protect it from hacker attacks, given an increased number of visitors.

Interfax learned that Medvedev will run a blog in the popular Internet resource Live Journal from the Kremlin Internet department.

Medvedev's blog in Live Journal will appear in the first half of Wednesday, a department spokesman said. The president's postings on the Kremlin website will be copied and pasted on it for discussion by Live Journal visitors.

The president's blog.kremlin.ru page has no capabilities for broad discussions.

Medvedev's blog on Live Journal will have the format of a "community" and is intended to broaden the capabilities of the Kremlin blog, the spokesman said.