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Taleban main threat to Russia's security - FSB

Moscow, 15 April: Taleban and other terrorist organizations operating in Afghanistan are the main threat to Russia's security, and this must be taken into account while fighting against terrorist threats, the head of the FSB service for protection of the constitutional order and the fight against terrorism, Col-Gen Aleksey Sedov, has said.

Sedov was speaking in Moscow today, at a research and practice conference on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization's work on ensuring regional security.

"According to our estimates, in the near future the main threat to the national security of Central Asian countries, including Russia, will be coming from international terrorist organizations operating in Afghanistan, such as Taleban, Al-Qa'idah, Islamic Jihad, Mojahedins' Jamaat and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, which is turning into the Islamic Party of Pakistan," Sedov said.

He said those organizations are the biggest, most aggressive and capable terrorist groups whose ideological tenets include "the use of force to overthrow laic governments in Central Asian countries."