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7 January 2009
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller

Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, Mr Miller.

Alexei Miller: Good afternoon, Mr Putin.

Vladimir Putin: How are our natural gas supplies to Western Europe going?

Alexei Miller: We are supplying the amount ordered by our foreign clients to the Russian-Ukrainian border-minus what Ukraine has stolen in its territory. Ukraine blocked all gas export corridors to Europe in the early morning hours today.

Vladimir Putin: It has blocked gas transits to Europe today-have I got it right?

Alexei Miller: Yes. Russia is not supplying any gas to Europe via Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin: Are supplies suspended?

Alexei Miller: Yes.

Vladimir Putin: Is Gazprom still exporting gas to Ukrainian pipelines?

Alexei Miller: Yes, it is.

Vladimir Putin: So we are keeping up our exports, though Ukraine has blocked them?

Alexei Miller: That's it.

Vladimir Putin: How long will it go on?

Alexei Miller: By all appearances, we should suspend gas supplies to the Russian-Ukrainian border. I think that's the right thing to do, since Ukraine has entirely blocked gas transits and is pilfering Russian gas.

Vladimir Putin: Is there documentary proof of Ukraine blocking gas transits entirely?

Alexei Miller: Yes, Mr Putin, there is.

Vladimir Putin: What is it?

Alexei Miller: It is information from the SGS independent transnational company and Russian observers about the exits of all export corridors from Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin: Is it reflected in the documents?

Alexei Miller: Yes.

Vladimir Putin: It's 15.45 now, and Gazprom is still exporting gas to Ukrainian pipelines. I think you are right that we should suspend supplies-but we need the greatest possible publicity for it, and we must do it in the presence of international observers.

Alexei Miller: All right, Mr Putin.