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Khodorkovsky Says He Will Seek Court Acquittal

MOSCOW. June 1 (Interfax) - Former Yukos chief Mikhail Khodorkovsky said that he saw no reason to emigrate if he is released and that he will seek a court's acquittal.

"If I am released, I will definitely go abroad to get some rest and treatment. But I see no reason to emigrate," Khodorkovsky said in an interview published in The New Times latest issue.

"A non-guilty verdict issued by the court in full compliance with the current Russian laws" must be a condition for my release, he said, adding that he believes in just sentencing in Russia, including in his case.

"I believe that in principle a just verdict is not impossible in modern Russia. Including my case as well, but on one condition: the independence of a court, of a particular judge must not be a simple declaration, it must be really ensured by the force of the supreme state power," Khodorkovsky said.

"I have no illusions about Russian courts," he said.

"However, these past five years saw many occasions, in which verdicts issued by courts in various Russian regions were totally just and fair," Khodorkovsky said.