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Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 20:
From: "Douglas Birch" <dmbirch@gmail.com>
Subject: job openings Moscow

We have two openings in the Moscow bureau for business writers. One, the senior writer, would lead our coverage of business in Russia and ten other countries in the former Soviet Union. We're looking for a second business reporter, with less experience but equal ambition, to scour websites and gather data for stories, but be ambitious to produce strong stories on his or her own. Contact Doug Birch at AP Moscow, dbirch@ap.org.

Doug Birch
Chief of Bureau
AP Moscow
Kutuzovsky 7/1
Apt. 35
mobile (7 abroad) *8 Russia) 916-197-8166
Office (7 abroad) (8 Russia) 495-234-4353