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Putin praises CIS for avoiding unneeded confrontation

MOSCOW. Feb 22 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin believes CIS countries have been successful in avoiding confrontation for the past eight years and thanks the leaders for cooperation.

"Throughout all these long years, we have worked together very closely. Despite the fact that we have more than enough problems, we still have managed to avoid unneeded confrontation where it could have happened," Putin said at an informal CIS summit in Moscow on Friday.

In the course of all these years, CIS countries have tried to find solutions to their common problems that suit all sides. "The CIS platform has been used to word such principles of our cooperation that would promote the development of our countries and benefit the millions of our people," he said.

Putin also thanked his CIS colleagues for cooperation. "Humanly, I have always felt your support and I am thankful to you for it," he said.