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Russian Ombudsman Counts On Better Conditions For NPOs

MOSCOW. Feb 15 (Interfax) - Human rights commissioner Vladimir Lukin believes that the government will soon take several measures that will have a positive impact on the operations of non-profit organizations (NPOs).

"I know of two factors that are slightly reassuring. Already now there are certain amendments to regulatory documents that should simplify the cumbersome registration procedures. They (amendments) are now being considered," he said at a Friday press conference on the development of a document on NPO parameters in Moscow.

He also found certain aspects of the election rhetoric by "one of the presidential candidates in Krasnoyarsk" reassuring.

"Words and deeds don't always coincide in this country, of course, but I hope with the naivety of all diplomats that everything will turn out alright this time," Lukin said.

The document is a code of conduct undertaken by the NPOs signing it.

For instance, they pledge to operate transparently and in line with the law even when they find certain provisions of the law unsatisfactory.

The document has been signed by almost 40 organizations, including the WWF Russia, the Moscow Helsinki Group and many regional organizations.