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October 22, 2008
Dmitry Medvedev congratulated Director of the Institute for USA and Canada Studies Sergei Rogov on his sixtieth birthday.

Mr Medvedevs telegram said in particular:

You are a scholar with worldwide renown and have made an important contribution to developing American studies and the theory of international relations in our country. There is broad demand for your numerous works, which are familiar not only to experts but to everyone interested in history and political science.

It is pleasing to see that you pay such close attention to educational and teaching work and successfully head one of Russias leading research institutes the Institute for USA and Canadian Studies.

The Russian Academy of Sciences Institute for USA and Canadian Studies (ISKRAN) was founded in 1967. Sergei Rogov has headed the institute since 1995. The institutes research devotes particular attention to U.S. foreign policy and the part the United States plays on the international stage. ISKRAN is one of the think tanks making policy recommendations for the Russian authorities on domestic, foreign and military policy issues.