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Public Organizations Must Not Upset Balance Of Private, State Interests - Justice Minister

MINSK. May 28 (Interfax) - The state must create comfortable conditions for public organizations to register and work, but concurrently have an effective and justified control system, Russian Justice Minister Alexander Konovalov said.

"Russia's policy regarding conditions for the work of non-profit organizations is based on two postulates. The first one is the awareness that civil society, in any country, cannot develop without public organizations' active and transparent work. And second, public organizations' activities can in no way harm citizens' rights and interests, or upset the balance of private and state interests," Konovalov told a meeting of the Council of Justice Minister of the Commonwealth of Independent States in Minsk on Wednesday.

This means, the Russian justice minister said, that the state must create comfortable conditions for nongovernmental organizations' registration and activities and have an effective and justified system of control.

"Quality control over the activities of political associations - easy and effective - must be enhanced," Konovalov said.

In Russia public organizations are registered upon notification, and control is exercised by an examination of the charters as registration is under way, he said.