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May 23, 2008
Why Russians choose NATO army instead of Russian army?

More and more Russian military men switch to Western military. Were not just talking about French foreign legion, but also about Estonian army. It turns out that Tallinn touts Russian draftees by giving them freely Estonian citizenship.

More and more Russians try to get no in Russian, but into foreign army. Its not a secret that today hundreds and even thousands Russian young men try to get into French foreign legion. But today its not just French army that Russians try to get in, but also Estonian army.

The head of Pskov frontier office General Ivan Bobryashov and an ex-head of Pechora district of Pskov region Alexander Rogov reminded about the existence of the double citizenship problem in the region. They say that there are about 10 thousand Pskov citizens that have Estonian passports. Overall there are 23, 8 thousand people in the Pskov region. This situation may be dangerous for territorial safety of Russia.

Analysis of the situation proves that Estonia is leading a vast political, economical, social and information expansion in Pechora district by giving Russians Estonian citizenship. The level of Estonian aggression is great: Rogov says that not only common citizens have Estonian passports, but politicians and local civil servants as well.

Those who say about the need to follow the law are the first to break it. The situation is not normal: they need either to give back their Estonian passports and be just Russians or give up their jobs, - he adds. But the passport owners are not courageous enough to do it, as this passport helps them to travel almost all round Europe without a visa.

So it turns out that Russian citizens become servants of hostile NATO army. There are several Rusian draftees act unpatriotically and choose to serve Estonian army with its SS cult. This situation is particularly urgent because of the recent conflict between Russia and Tallinn on the transferal of the last Bronze Soldier. Bobryashov says this happens because Russian men try to escape from our large service term. The service term in NATO troops is 8 months, and in Russia its a year.

But the real problem is wider and more complicated. The difference in terms is not so great, but there is difference in conditions. Its not a secret that there is severe harassment of subordinates in Russian army, while in Estonia this problem is successfully solved.

Another problem is poor equipment of Russian army. Our troops on island Russkij nearly got starved to death. On the contrary, Estonian soldiers got so fat and impudent that they recently demanded to change billiards in their club for a new one. Consider also that Estonian soldiers dont live in ordinary barracks as Russians do, but occupy spacious rooms, where just 2 soldiers live. In such mild conditions a regular day in Estonian army is more productive. Those who served in Estonian army say they wake up at 8 AM, which is much later than Russian soldiers do, and their workday is over earlier than in Russia.

Of course, Russian officials are going to do something about this situation. Bobryashov and Rogov say that those who switchto Estonian army will be strictly punished. Bobryashov adds that they wont be hired anywhere in Russia. So, their career is about to be finished.

But stick and carrot policy is not going to give productive results. Isnt it better to start military policy by improving Russian equipment and making a change in the attitude towards our army?

Translated by Lena Ksandinova.