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Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007 1
From: "Markian Dobczansky" <markian.dobczansky@gmail.com>
Subject: Kennan Institute Job Opening

The Kennan Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C. announces an anticipated vacancy for the position of Program Specialist. For more information and to apply, please visit the Wilson Center employment page at www.wilsoncenter.org/employment

Program Specialist
Kennan Institute (covering Russia and surrounding states)
Announcement number: WC-07-12T
OPENING DATE: April 1, 2007
CLOSING DATE: April 16, 2007
SERIES/GRADE: WW-0301-09 ($46,041 - $55,249 per year commensurate w/ experience)

LOCATION: Washington DC

WHO MAY APPLY: All qualified candidates may apply.

DUTIES: This position works as the focal point for the financial and administrative needs of the Kennan Institute (KI) by assisting the KI Director with managing accounts, personnel and the day-to-day administrative operations, including financial aspects of two regional offices in Moscow and Kiev. To this end, the incumbent also supervises the administrative work of the Institute's program assistants. As the financial specialist, this position serves as the financial focal point for all Institute accounts and programs; assuming responsibility for assuring availability of funds; determining propriety of their use; ensuring federal appropriated monies received and its trust funds are properly allocated/obligated and accurately tracked/reconciled; and maintains all financial and endowment contribution records for the Institute. Processes appropriate purchase orders, invoices, travel authorizations and vouchers to assure timely and accurate payment to vendors and travelers. The incumbent summarizes budgetary data from a variety of sources for use in preparing budgetary estimates for future years' allocations; reports on spending trends; revises budget estimates to accommodate variations in cost and/or program changes. Accompanies Director to all meetings requiring financial and budgetary expertise. In addition, establishes appropriate payment schedules for all Institute scholars and ensures that scholars' stipend checks are issued. Assists with the preparation of appropriate documents to foreign fellows and their families to enable them to obtain exchange visitor's visas to enter the United States, and also to exit and re-enter the U.S. when necessary. Oversees the processing of paperwork for Institute activities (i.e., travel, logistics, and catering arrangements). Manages time & attendance procedures to ensure that funds are appropriately charged. Performs other related financial and administrative as assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS: Minimally qualified candidates must have at least one year of specialized experience directly related to the duties of this position. In addition, minimally qualified applicants must meet the selective factors listed below.


Previous financial management experience to include experience implementing financial accounting and funds control procedures. Previous experience developing budgets using programs such as MS Excel or budget software package. Personal computer skills to include the ability to use spreadsheet or financial management software to reconcile accounts, post obligations, update budgets and generate reports for use by management officials. Ability to communicate with a wide range of individuals.


Federal grant management experience to include knowledge of relevant OMB circulars.

Experience working with international organizations on a variety of financial and/or administrative matters.

Russian and/or Ukranian language facility.

Previous office management experience.

Working knowledge of scholar programs and relevant J-1 visa processing.