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From: "Robert Legvold" <rhl1@columbia.edu>
Subject: New Book [Russian Foreign Policy in the 21st Century and the Shadow of the Past]
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 10:18:15 -0400

Dear David:

Might I turn to you as a way of reaching your broad reading audience with news of a new and, we hope, rather original attempt to create a larger context for judging contemporary Russian foreign policy. Columbia University Press will release this month: Russian Foreign Policy in the 21st Century and the Shadow of the Past. The book assesses recent and current Russian foreign policy from the perspective of the last 400 years of Russian foreign policy. The introduction deals generally with the application of history to an understanding of contemporary foreign policy, and the table of contents provides an indication of how the remainder of the book is focused.

Ronald G. Suny, “Living in the Hood: Russia, Empire, and the Old and New Neighbors”

Robert Legvold, “Russian Foreign Policy During Periods of ‘Great State Transformation’”

David McDonald, “Domestic Conjunctures, The Russian State, and World Outside, 1700-1991”

Alfred Rieber, “How Persistent Are Persistent Factors?”

Lawrence T. Caldwell, “Russian Concepts of National Security”

Gilbert Rozman, “Russia in Northeast Asia: In Search of a Strategy”

Angela Stent, “Reluctant Europeans: Three Centuries of Ambivalence toward the West”

Celeste A. Wallander, “Global Challenges and Russian Foreign Policy

Many thanks,


(Robert Legvold
Columbia University).