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Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007
From: Andreas Umland <andreumland@yahoo.com>
Subject: CfP: Youth Extremism in Russia, St. Petersburg, 16-18 Febr. 07


"Extremism and xenophobia among youth through the prism of transnational studies"
16-18 February, 2007
Centre for German and European Studies, St. Petersburg, Russia

The Centre for German and European Studies at St. Petersburg State University with the participation of SRC "Region" at Ulyanovsk State University invites papers for the workshop to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia. We are seeking empirical or theoretical papers on the growth of xenophobia among youth in the postsoviet space. However comparative papers or papers discussing theoretical/methodological principles of transnational studies of extremism among youth in Russia and Europe are welcome, as are manuscripts analyzing reasons for the growth of fears of strangers (global migration, new forms of social exclusion and inequality, specific types of participation and solidarity etc.) or papers on particular extremist groups among youth.

Papers should focus on issues facing "local" manifestations and social contexts of the growth of xenophobia among youth, connected with one of the follow questions:

. Social geography of xenophobia and its appearances: typical postsoviet or authentic, east/west or global

. Factors and social mechanisms of construction

. Regional events and global panics

. Local and global extremist youth scenes

. Features of field work and research methods: strangers among strangers

. Research politics and practices around the theme on xenophobia and extremism among youth: language, research instruments, ethic issues

The themes of round-tables are follow: "Xenophobia in Russian and in European style: unique experience or common challenges?", "Perspectives and limits of transnational comparative researches", "Anti-anti-anti fascists. New calls and old names of youth extremism".

We invite researches, members of non-government organizations, officials and journalists, interested in this theme, to take part in the workshop.

Each presenter will be given 15-20 minutes to present his/her paper on thematic sessions or about 5-10 minutes to present a statement for discussion on round tables. Please send a 500 word abstract and filled application form (attached) by 25 January 2007 (address indicated below) with the mark "Call". We apologize for the late call and ready to consider applications from foreign participants, those who will need visa and flight reservation, earlier. On the base of abstracts the organizing committee will form the final list of participants and inform them till the 1st of February. These participants are expected to submit presentation-length drafts (2500-3000 words) by 10 February, so that all participants will have the opportunity to read the papers of other participants before the workshop begins. Given the short notice of this call for papers, we do not expect publication-length texts by the time of the workshop, but afterwards for publication.

Workshop languages are Russian and English. The language choice is voluntarily. However, take notice, that those, who will report on English, should prepare a Power Point presentation on Russian, and otherwise: those, who will report on Russian, should prepare a Power Point presentation on English*. It is important for the full inclusion of all participants at the context of discussion.

Unfortunately, organizers of workshop can not compensate travel expenses and accommodation for participants from Western Europe. There are limited resources for accommodation in exceptional cases.

Organizing committee of workshop:

Kaiser Markus - Doctor of Sociology, Director of the Centre for German and European Studies at St. Petersburg State University.

Omelchenko Elena - Doctor of Sociology, Director of the SRC "Region" at Ulyanovsk State University Pilkington Hilary - Prof. Dr. of Sociology, Warwick University

Skvortzov Nikolay - Professor of Sociology, Dean of Sociological Department at St. Petersburg State University

Yaroshenko Svetlana - Candidate of Sociology, Head of Research at the Centre for German and European Studies.

For further information, please contact: Sabirova Guzel <gsabirova@yahoo.com >.