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Subject: From the Cato Institute [re: Cato Russian-language Web site]
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006
From: "Ian Vasquez" <ivasquez@cato.org>

Dear David,

As you may know, the Cato Institute has recently launched a Russian-language web site, www.cato.ru. The purpose of the site is to promote civil society and market-liberal ideas within the Russian-speaking world. The site includes essays and studies on public policy as well as hundreds of classic texts in the classical liberal tradition. Content includes translations into Russian and original Russian writings.

I'm writing to alert you to an item we posted today that may be of interest to the Johnson List. It is an interview with Lev Levinson of the Human Rights Institute in Russia and director of the program on "New Drug Policies". The Cato interview discusses Russia's new drug bill significantly restricting the lawful use of certain drugs. See http://cato.ru/pages/69?idcat=197&parent_id=4

I hope this is useful to you and I hope we can send you items in the future that you might wish to post. Thanks very much.

Best regards,
Ian Vasquez
Director, Project on Global Economic Liberty
Cato Institute
202 789-5241.