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#34 - JRL 2006-255 - JRL Home
Subject: Russian Justice Initiative seeks to hire Legal Director
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006
From: "Ole Solvang" <Solvang@srji.org>

Ole Solvang
Executive Director
Stichting Russian Justice Initiative
Russian Justice Initiative seeks to hire Legal Director

The Russian Justice Initiative is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental organization based in the Netherlands with offices in Russia, that seeks to combat impunity for serious human rights abuses committed during the current conflict in Chechnya and to promote respect for rights enshrined in Russian law and in the European Convention on Human Rights.

RJI provides legal aid to selected victims of serious human rights violations--forced disappearance, arbitrary detention, torture and ill-treatment, summary execution, indiscriminate attacks, and destruction of property-- representing their interests both before Russian authorities and before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Currently RJI represents clients in more than 100 cases pending before the ECHR. RJI has recently won precedent-setting cases like Bazorkina v. Russia and Estamirov and Other v. Russia.


RJI seeks a full-time Legal Director to be based in Moscow. The Legal Director will work closely with the Executive Director to guide the day-to-day litigation work of the organization.

The position will entail management of the organizations legal work, including, but not limited to: Supervising and reviewing the work of 4 staff lawyers, including applications and other submissions to the ECHR, offering advice and commentary on written work; Researching new and relevant ECHR case law and assisting lawyers in incorporating new case law into ECHR submissions; Researching other legal topics as necessary; Management of an independent caseload of approximately 6-7 cases in preparation for ECHR submission (which includes meeting with applicants, building a case file of evidence (testimonies, witness statements, etc.), submitting inquires and appeals to Russian domestic bodies in order to exhaust domestic remedies); Drafting applications to the ECHR for the above cases; Coordinating with external consultants who provide assistance with legal drafting and reviewing of applications; Proofreading translations of applications to the ECHR; Overseeing, together with the executive director, the RJI internship training project and other small legal seminars;


Law degree, or other degree with equivalent experience;
Experience in human rights law, including the European Court of Human Rights;
Fluent spoken and written English and Russian;
Excellent writing and analytical skills;
Responsible, task-oriented, self-motivated, highly ethical, able to manage a large caseload;
Ability to work in a small organization and communicate easily with colleagues from different backgrounds;
Experience living in Russia or other parts of the former Soviet Union; Knowledge of the conflict in Chechnya.

Salary and benefits:

RJI provides a competitive salary and benefits package, 20 vacation days per year, opportunities for travel and professional development.

Interested candidates should submit as soon as possible and before 30 November:

a cover letter explaining their interest in the position;
a CV;
a writing sample in English and Russian;
two references (with telephone numbers).

Applications can be submitted by email to moscow@srji.org or by fax to +7 (495) 915 0829. Mark the application Legal Director.

Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.