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Russian Official Says To Continue Registering NGOs After 18 Oct

Moscow. Sept 20 (Interfax) - Russia's Federal Registration Service will continue registering foreign nonprofit organizations after October 18.

"Reports that nonprofit organizations that have not been registered before October 18 will be closed are untrue," head of the department for registering political parties and public and religious organizations Alexei Zhafyarov told Interfax on Wednesday.

"However, organizations that have not gone through registration procedures, whether old or new ones, will have to suspend their projects and programs until they submit their applications and are registered," he said.

"Most nonprofit organizations have delayed the submission of their applications until the last moment," Zhafyarov said.

Only about 100 of approximately 500 nonprofit organizations active in Russia have applied for registration. Twenty-eight organizations have been registered and 98 have applied, he said.