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Charges brought against everyone involved in Kondopoga fight

PETROZAVODSK. Sept 12 (Interfax) - The prosecutor's office of Karelia has brought charges against four participants in a fight that took place outside the Chaika restaurant in Kondopoga on the night of August 30.

All four were charged with violent misconduct involving the use of arms and murder, Interfax was told at the office on Tuesday.

Two other people earlier detained in relation to the fight were charged with misconduct involving the use of arms. This means that everyone who took part in the fight has been officially charged.

Two people were killed and six wounded in the fight between local residents and new arrivals from the Caucasus.

Police detained three ethnic Chechens as suspects in the murder. Three more people turned themselves in after Karelian leader Sergei Katanandov met the leadership of the Chechen community.

On September 2, a crowd of local residents, mainly youngsters, looted several kiosks and stands belonging to vendors from the Caucasus.