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Spokesman Denies Hizballah Using Russian-Made Antitank Weapons Against Israel

MOSCOW. Aug 10 (Interfax) - Russia denied on Thursday media reports-- some citing senior Israeli officials--that the Lebanese Islamic group Hezbollah has been using Russian-made state-of-the-arts antitank weapons against the Israeli Army.

"At the very least, insinuations of this kind are causing bewilderment in Moscow. If there are any questions, there are normal diplomatic channels to clarify them. So far, we have received no such inquiries, nor has any evidence been offered," Foreign Ministry spokesman Mikhail Kamynin said in response to a question from the media.

His answer was published on the ministry's website, www.mid.ru.

"We have already said more than once that Russia strictly complies with its international commitments in pursuing its military technological cooperation, including with countries in the Middle East. Our system of armaments export control is one of the most reliable and rules out the possibility of weapons falling into the wrong hands. We also take full account of the volatile nature of the military and political situation in the Middle East," Kamynin said.