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Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2006 1
Subject: Departure Letter from Celeste A. Wallander, Director, Russia and Eurasia Program, CSIS
From: "Celeste Wallander" <CWallander@csis.org>

Dear friends and colleagues,

My last day as Director of the Russia and Eurasia Program at CSIS was July 31st. Beginning today, I returned to full-time teaching and research as a Visiting Associate Professor in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. I will remain a part of the CSIS family, as John Hamre has graciously appointed me a Senior Associate, and I will continue as Executive Director of the Program on New Approaches to Russian Security (PONARS), which will remain based at CSIS.

My CSIS email (cwalland@csis.org) will remain effective, and you can reach me through the Russia and Eurasia Program as before. My Georgetown email address will be caw39@georgetown.edu.

When I took up the position of director of REP, I expected to become part of the challenging work of helping to inform and support the US foreign policy community on issues important to U.S. national interests. Those expectations have been more than met in the past 5 years through the opportunity to work with so many dedicated and talented colleagues. What I could not have anticipated, but value more than I can say, is how much I have learned from working with you, and how rewarding it is to be part of this community. As I transition back to the university portion of our community, I look forward to continuing to learn from and work with all of you.


Celeste A. Wallander
Director and Senior Fellow
Russia and Eurasia Program
Center for Strategic and International Studies
1800 K St. NW
Washington DC 20006
(202)775-3199 (fax).