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Foreign NPOs Push Youth Towards Regime Change - Youth Policy Ministry

MOSCOW. April 8 (Interfax) - Russia's Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy Ministry, Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service (FSB), have voiced concern over foreign non-profit organizations' intensified attempts to entangle Russian youth groups in activities aimed at regime change.

"Foreign non-governmental non-profit organizations and international organizations have largely intensified attempts to entangle young citizens into activities, which aim to transform the Russian political system," the three state agencies said in "Methodological Recommendations on the Prevention and Countering Extremism in Youth Medium."

This document was posted on the Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy Ministry's website.

The emergence of the recommendations was due to extremist movements' intensification in recent years, "which have been increasingly active in involving young people in their work," the document says.

"In experts' estimate, citizens under 30 years of age account for 80% of members of extremist organizations," it says.

"Informal youth groups of right- and left-wing radical bias have become more active in some Russian regions over the past few years and skinhead attacks on foreign citizens have become more frequent," the authors say.

"Informal 'anti-fascist' youth groups have intensified their activity, too," it says, expressing concern over this occurrence.

"Among the means that could be used in extremist action is also organized flash-mob technologies," the document says.

Youth sub-cultures can be viewed as structures organizing and implementing extremist actions. "In this connection, prevention of extremism in the youth medium helps lower the destructive potential of the youth sub-cultures," the authors write.

"Sports fans' associations carry extremist sentiment to a certain extent, which requires well-planned work with this youth segment," they write.

The "Recommendations" look into causes of the emergence of extremist youth associations, and provide recommendations on ways to counter their development.

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