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United Russia Lost Sure Majority in Duma, But System Remains - Analyst Pavlovsky

File Photo of Fully Assembled DumaMOSCOW. Dec 4 (Interfax) - The United Russia Party will not have a sure majority in the new Duma, said political analyst Gleb Pavlovsky, head of the Foundation for Effective Politics.

"If the figures for United Russia will be 10% less, it is still a victory. This is more than the figures for other parties. But still, it is a loss of a sure majority in the Duma. The result is not catastrophic. They will be a majority, but it will be rather artificial," Pavlovsky told Interfax on Sunday. The preliminary vote percentage mustered by United Russia shows "a normal reaction of the population to the worsening of the social situation, growing rates, to the pause and then a job swap in the tandem," he said.

"Our political system is accustomed to relying on a sure majority in the Duma. Now it does not have a sure majority. But the system has remained. There will be a search for a new formula now," the analyst said.

At the Duma elections, Yabloko "has mustered unexpectedly a lot for itself," he said. "Yavlinsky got a small part of breakaway votes from United Russia's conservative liberals , but this is not enough to get into the Duma. Yavlinsky's election strategy was not clear," the analyst said.


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