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Russian-American Medical Centre in Tver

File Photo of Tver, Historic Buildings, River, Bridge, Sailboat, Larger Multideck Passenger BoatFrom: Sean M. Shinners (shinners39@aol.com)
Sent: Sun, May 1, 2011

May I advise you of some positive developments with respect to Buffalo-Tver Sister Cities.
[file photo of Tver]

I just recently returned from Tver where I was witness to the signing of a contract between The Upper Volga Institute and The American Hospital Management Company to begin construction of The Russian American Centre in Tver. Construction will begin in May/June with completion scheduled for December 2013.

Additionally, in order to support: The Russian American Medical Centre, Russian Orphans, and, Russian Wildlife. A benefit, TVERCARE- a 5 day family-oriented event, week of August 15th. 1st 3 days: medical care, gratis, provided to those most in need, by M.D.s,Dentists, and Nurses, from both the U.S. and Russia. Following 2 days: music, at a reasonable fee. God-willing, Bono will be our headliner.

We anticipate both U.S. Federal Government and Russian Federal Government assistance with the flights of U.S. medical and musical personnel, and air cargo, which will include a pediatric ambulance,medical equipment and supplies. We plan for these 2 flights, passenger & cargo, to depart Niagara Falls International Airport, stopping at Knock, Ireland airport for 1-2 day rest and re-fueling, and then depart, non-stop to Tver's Migalovo airport.

Sean M. Shinners
president, Buffalo Tver Sister Cities
vice president, The IBAM Foundation

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