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80% of Russians afraid of becoming terrorism victims - poll

Emergency Personnel Coming Into Airport With Gurney After Terrorist AttackMOSCOW. Feb 14 (Interfax) - Presently 80% of Russians are afraid to a greater or smaller degree that they or their near and dear ones may fall victim to terrorist attacks, sociological surveys indicate.

The scale of the anxiety was comparable only last April, immediately after the blasts in the Moscow metro. However, then only 31% of people were extremely concerned compared to 36% now, Interfax was told on Friday at VTsIOM public opinion center that disclosed the results of its latest study on the issue.
Image adapted from RFE/RL version of image attributed to RIA Novosti.

The results indicate that the degree of anxiety is the highest among women (44%), middle-aged people (43%) and residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg (52%). Only 10% of the polled are sure about their personal security and almost the same number (9%) simply don't think of it.

People regard the tightening of immigration laws as one of the most effective ways of combating terrorism (6%). The following measures are regarded effective by 5% of the polled each: the enhancement of the operation of special services, the improvement of the skills of their officers, greater public vigilance, and the tightening of security on borders, at strategic facilities and in public places. In addition, 4% support radical changes in antiterrorist legislation, including the introduction of the death penalty. Also 3% suggest eliminating corruption at law enforcement bodies.

For the sake of comparison - last year after the Moscow metro bombings respondents gave preference to tightening laws and introducing the death penalty (7%).

However, 35% of Russians like before believe that it is impossible to eradicate terrorism in Russia.

The VTsIOM poll was taken on February 5-6 in 138 cities and towns in 46 territories of Russia.

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