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Russia to take final leap into summer time Sunday

MOSCOW, March 25 (RIA Novosti) - Russia will put its clocks forward for the last time early on Sunday morning after a presidential decree last month ruled not to revert to daylight saving time in October. Each of Russia's nine time zones will put their clocks forward by one hour at 2 am on Sunday.

The deputy head of Russia's metrology agency (RosStandard) said on Friday that this probably would not be Russia's last time change.

"Since 1916, countries have, to one decree or another, been 'experimenting' with time and I think the process is likely to continue," Vladimir Krutikov said.

Russia's first recorded time change was in 1917. Since then it has undergone several time change reforms. The country has observed daylight saving time since 1981.

Medvedev said in February that the decision to switch to "permanent summertime" was made after studies showed that daylight saving puts an unnecessary strain on public health.

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