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Russians the Unhappiest in Europe, Poll Says

Twenty years after the Soviet collapse, Russians are among the most unhappy people in Europe because of a high level of economic uncertainty, according to a new study.

Russia was ranked worst among 13 countries, with only 37 percent of Russians interviewed by the Hamburg-based Foundation for Future Studies saying they are happy despite the debt crisis in the euro zone.

This compares with Denmark ­ ranked No. 1 ­ where 96 percent of interviewees are happy with their lives.

Heavily indebted Greece was ranked second, with 80 percent of the interviewees saying they are happy, while Germany, whose economy is widely believed to be the most stable in the region, was ranked 11th, with 61 percent expressing happiness.

The figure in Poland stands at 50 percent, a notch above Russia.

The survey polled 15,000 Europeans aged over 14. It did not give a margin of error. Among other participating countries were Austria, Britain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey.

Some characteristics appeared to be the same in all countries. "Women are happier than men, country folk are happier than city dwellers, and couples are much more satisfied with their life than singles, as are those with a good wage compared with those with a low income," the foundation said on its web site.


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