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Most Russians Fear Terrorist Attacks - Poll

Scene Outside Moscow Airport After Terrorist Attack, with Crowd Milling and Rescue and Security VehiclesMoscow, 3 February: The majority of Russians (68 per cent) fear to fall victim to a terrorist attack, the results of a survey carried out by the Public Opinion foundation in 43 constituent parts of the Russian Federation on 29-30 January suggest.

According to sociologists, out of 98 per cent of those surveyed, who are aware of the terrorist attack in (Moscow airport) Domodedovo, 65 per cent believe that the terrorist attack could have been prevented, 14 per cent think it would be impossible and 19 per cent could not answer.

Fifty-one per cent believe that the terrorist attack will be uncovered, 31 per cent doubt this, and 19 per cent could not answer.

One in five (26 per cent) think that terrorists' aim was to terrorize and frighten people, 10 per cent believe that criminals wanted to destabilize the situation in the country, to incite ethnic hatred and war, and seven per cent think terrorists wanted to demonstrate their power and to remind of themselves.

First feelings the respondents had about news on the terrorist attack in Domodedovo were compassion for victims, pity, grief (51 per cent), helplessness, feeling of insecurity, fear for themselves and loved ones (21 per cent), vexation, grievance, thoughts about the guilt of special services and politicians (16 per cent), shock, distress, horror (11 per cent), indignation, anger, abhorrence of terrorists and desire to revenge (10 per cent). (Passage omitted)

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