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Only 8% of Russians Expect World Terror Rate to Dip After Bin Laden's Death - Poll

FBI Most Wanted Terrorists Graphic on Osama Bin-Laden, Updated to Declare Him Deceased
MOSCOW. July 7 (Interfax) - The death of Osama bin Laden did not improve U.S. President Barack Obama's image in the eyes of the Russians. The Russians do not believe in a victory over international terrorism either, judging by a Gallup International poll held in 25 countries.

Russia ranked the world's last by the number of people who said that the bin Laden death improved the Obama image (4%), a source at the Romir Holding, which participated in the Gallup research, told Interfax on Thursday.

The world's average indicator is 27%.

Seventy-four percent of the Russian respondents said their attitude toward Obama did not change with the bin Laden killing. Forty-five percent of the respondents worldwide expressed the same opinion. Eighteen percent of the Russians and 17% of people in other countries said that their attitude toward Obama worsened.

The number of Russians, who think that the death of bin Laden will not reduce the terrorism rate, was unprecedentedly high (66%). The world's average was 30%, Romir said.

Nineteen percent of the Russians said that the death of bin Laden would increase the number of terrorists (38% voiced the opinion worldwide).

Only 8% of the Russians said that the death of bin Laden would reduce the terror scale (the indicator stood at 19% worldwide).

"The large number of indifferent answers (the opinion that the death of the No 1 terrorist will have no effect on the general terror crime rate) shows that the Russian public viewed the operation as a TV show. The majority of the respondents in the world feared that the killing of bin Laden would spur on terrorism. The Russians have so little confidence in the coverage of politicized subjects that they remained placid and did not think about possible consequences - they did not view the U.S. special operation as something real," Romir Holding head Andrei Milyokhin said.

Gallup International held the poll together with the WIN international research network from May 11 to June 2 in 25 states with the population of 59% of the world's total. About 21,000 interviews were taken.

The No. 1 terrorist was killed in a U.S. operation in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad in early May.

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