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Certain Forces in West Want to Prevent Putin's Re-election For President — Parliamentarian Markov

File Photo of Vladimir Putin
file photo
MOSCOW. Nov 28 (Interfax) - The statement made by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on the futility of outside attempts to influence the election campaign in Russia is a warning to political forces in the West, which are trying to carry out an "orange revolution scenario" in Russia, Sergei Markov, a State Duma deputy and director of the Institute of Political Research, said.

"Essentially, it's Putin's response to the attempts made by some forces in the West to carry out the 'orange' scenario in Russia. Of course, these forces understand that an orange revolution is impossible in Russia because there is no candidate for that. For this reason, foreign centers are recruiting those whom Putin has called grant recipients," Markov told Interfax on Sunday. The expert said the main purpose of such activities is to gradually create a foundation for "an orange revolution."

"The main dream of those who give grants is to keep Putin from becoming president again," the expert said.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has recently said that attempts to influence the outcome of the Russian election campaign from abroad will fail.


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