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RussiaProfile.Org Goes Multimedia

Subject: Russia Profile press release
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011
From: "Andrei Zolotov \(RP\)" <andrei.zolotov@russiaprofile.org>

RussiaProfile.Org, RIA Novosti's English-language publication about Russian current affairs, has launched a newly redesigned multimedia Web site (www.russiaprofile.org).

Andrei Zolotov"In essence, we remain the same," said Russia Profile's Chief Editor Andrei Zolotov. "We remain committed to editorial independence, in-depth coverage of the developments in Russia and producing high-quality journalism."

What's changed is the presentation and the amount of content that will now be available to the readers, and these changes aren't merely cosmetic ­ photos, videos and graphics will all help the editorial team to paint a comprehensive picture of Russia.

- - "What is crucial is that RussiaProfile.Org is being transformed from a monologue into an active discussion with our audience," Zolotov noted. "Reader feedback on our analysis is most welcome, as are stories generated by people with an interest in Russia, whatever their professional occupation and background."

Russia Profile's chief editor also believes that the site's new multimedia functionality will enable the publication to further expand its audience, becoming a useful tool for those who want to know more about the political, economic, social and cultural life in Russia.

Registered users will now be able to manage their newsletter subscriptions via personalized user accounts and have the ability to comment on articles in real-time.

The daily output of analytical stories, comments and interviews grouped around a certain topic has grown considerably, Zolotov says. The Global Russia Calendar will now be updated with the most important Russia-related events in a timely manner, and readers can also conveniently follow Russia Profile's coverage on its Facebook and Twitter feeds.

BackGround, a new section of the site (formerly known as Resources) provides extensive background information about Russia. All articles on the Russia Profile Web site will now be accompanied by information from this online encyclopedia.

By integrating with other RIA Novosti outlets, Russia Profile will be in a position to enrich its own content with stories from the agency's newswire and commentaries by members of the International Valdai Club.

As before, the editorial team includes chief editor Andrei Zolotov and a team of Moscow-based British, American and Russian journalists.

"For anyone truly interested in understanding what makes Russia tick today, Russia Profile is a valuable source of original, pertinent insight," said Christopher Boian, the head of RIA Novosti's Foreign Language Service. "Now, with extensive multimedia content and new state-of-the-art interactive tools, the dedicated and smart team at Russia Profile is not just bringing the 'real Russia' to you ­ it is inviting you inside to take part in the real Russia yourself. This is a remarkable, one-of-a-kind achievement."

Russia Profile (www.russiaprofile.org) is an unparalleled English-language source of news and views on today's Russia. It was conceived in 2003 as part of the effort to shape Russia's image abroad and the international business community was initially its key target audience.

RP was launched in March 2004 as a joint project by RIA Novosti and the Independent Media publishing house.

In 2007, RIA Novosti started producing the magazine single-handedly, both online and in print. Available by subscription only, the print version was issued ten times per year as a digest of the best stories from the site, which was updated on a daily basis.

In keeping with a common trend in the global media community, the print magazine went digital in 2009, and was renamed Russia Profile Special Report.

The RP editorial team continues to experiment with various modern digital formats of presenting text and images.

Since 2009, RP has been operating as part of RIA Novosti's Foreign-Language Service.

Credibility has been a priority for the Russia Profile team from day one, hence its commitment to absolute editorial independence.

Andrei Zolotov, Jr.
Deputy Director, RIA Novosti International Service
Chief Editor, Russia Profile
Russia Profile
www.russiaprofile.org www.rianovosti.com

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