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Chubais earned 212 mln rubles in 2010, incl 22.8 mln rubles as Rusnano chief

Anatoly ChubaisMOSCOW. May 6 (Interfax) - Rusnano CEO Anatoly Chubais earned 212 million rubles in 2010, of which 140 million rubles were the proceeds from sale of land.

Chubais earned 22.8 million rubles in his capacity as Rusnano CEO, up from 13.2 million rubles in 2009.

The income declarations of Chubais and his wife have been published on Rusnano's web site in line with a presidential decree that requires the heads of the state corporations to disclose their personal income and property holdings.

Rusnano was organized as an open joint stock company in March 2011.

Chubais realized 140 million rubles in proceeds from sale of a land plot in Tver region. His land holdings in Tver region totaled 167.1 hectares as of the end of 2010. He owned no land there at the end of 2009. Chubais also owns 5.6 hectares in Moscow region.

His wife, Maria Vishnevskaya, has 1.47 hectares in Moscow region, which includes a home and other buildings totaling 2,040 square meters. A year earlier the property was jointly held by the couple.

Chubais' income from securities and interest in commercial organizations totaled 42.78 million rubles in 2010. Interest earnings on bank accounts totaled 6.46 million rubles.

Chubais made 11.8 million rubles in contributions to charitable organizations last year.

Vishnevskaya declared income of 21.6 million rubles, representing earnings on securities and business interests and interest on bank deposits.

As of December 31, 2010 Chubais owned an apartment in Moscow (175.8 square meters) and two parking spots (30.6 square meters). A year earlier that property was owned jointly with his wife.

The couple's motor vehicles are the same as last year: a BMW X5 SUV, a BMW 530 and a Yamaha SXV70VT snowmobile and trailer. However, instead of all the vehicles being jointly owned, Vishnevskaya is now the sole owner of the BMW 530 while Chubais owns the rest.

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