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VIDEOS: Russia interviews [Reuters talks with Kasparov, Cohen, Prokhorov]

File Photo of Vladimir Putin
file photo
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012
From: Jonathan.OBeirne@thomsonreuters.com
Subject: Russia interviews
We have two new videos up that might be of interest today... The second part of Professor Cohen's interview and a new interview with Garry Kasparov. Please find the links below.

Jonathan O'Beirne
Senior Post Producer
Reuters TV

Garry Kasparov predicts violence in Russia - Freeland File

Russian opposition leader and renown chess champion Garry Kasparov predicts that if Vladimir Putin loses the upcoming election, he will not give up power, even if it means resorting to violence. Kasparov says opposition candidates are not even mentioning Putin, but need to start talking about the Putin problem.


Russian election: Who is Mikhail Prokhorov? - Fast Forward EXTRA

Prokhorov, Russia's third wealthiest man and owner of the New Jersey Nets, is a surprise candidate in the dangerous game of Russian politics. In this Fast Forward Extra, Russian expert and author Stephen F. Cohen and Reuters Digital Editor Chrystia Freeland discuss his candidacy in the upcoming Russian election.



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