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Russian ruling party aims to win in all regional polls this spring - official

Boris GryzlovMoscow, 10 January: The One Russia party plans to receive the majority of votes in each of the 12 constituent parts of the Russian Federation where the new legislative assemblies will be formed, the State Duma speaker and chairman of the Supreme Council of the One Russia party, Boris Gryzlov, told journalists today.

The single voting day will take place on 13 March.

"Taking into account the fact that a State Duma election will take place at the end of next year, the spring will have a special significance for all political forces," Gryzlov said.

He said that in today's situation many political parties have been solving the issue of making their way into a certain body of power. The One Russia party has a completely different task that requires more responsibility: to win at all levels and to confirm the status of the party of the parliamentary majority, Gryzlov said.

"Elections are elections and their results are not predetermined. However, we will work only for victory," he added.

Gryzlov recalled that in the previous elections at the same level in the 12 constituent parts of the Russian Federation that will have elections this spring, One Russia received over 50 per cent of votes only in three regions. "Now we will struggle for the majority (of votes) in each case and it is possible to achieve this," he said. (Passage omitted)

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