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Putin's Popular Front Plan Ruse To Save One Russia, Fool Voters - Communist Head

Vladimir PutinMoscow, 6 May: CPRF (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) leader Gennadiy Zyuganov is convinced that One Russia will not be able to create a "popular front" ahead of parliamentary elections.

"A broad popular front, above all, must have a nationally important goal. One Russia, however, has no such goal. It has never had it. Their only concern is how best to sell everything off and as long as possible to retain their seats," Zyuganov told Interfax.

He thinks that the only aim of the task set by Vladimir Putin as that party's leader - of uniting various political forces, trade unions, youth and other public associations under the banner of One Russia - is to improve its showing in the Duma elections to take place in December.

"I view this solely as the desire to try once again to fool the voters at the end of the year. Let me note, however, that One Russia will find it increasingly difficult to do this, because the fruits of the labour of the party in power are there for all to see. Everyone can see and feel them," Zyuganov said.

At the same time, he said he was sure it is the CPRF that will be able to consolidate the broadest possible spectrum of people's patriotic forces.

"As is known, our party has put forward an alternative programme for the country's development. It is around that programme that not only the Communists, but also those who are not party members and who represent a variety of associations of leftist patriotic orientation will unite. Our party lists of candidates will have many representatives from that spectrum of socially active people," Zyuganov said.

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