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Russia's Putin Calls For 'Deep Modernization' To Speed Up Economic Growth

Magnitogorsk, 15 June: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has said that a lot has been done for Russia's development over the past 10 years, but noted that there was still much to do.

Answering a question from an employee of the Magnitogorsk steelworks about what achievements the prime minister viewed as most significant, Putin said that the main goal of every leadership was to secure a better life for people. "In this respect, we managed to significantly decrease the number of people living below the poverty line. And yet, their number is still high and we should work in this direction," he said.

"We need new instruments, new people and deep modernization and an innovation process in order to secure a speedier growth of the economic and social sectors and to reinforce the political basis of our society," Putin said.

The prime minister recalled that during his presidency and premiership Russia's GDP doubled. "This is quite significant for every country," he said.

Putin said that in 2000 "we lived in conditions of a civil war". "And no matter how difficult it was - terrorist attacks, casualties; now the situation is completely different," he said.

Talking about terrorists, Putin emphasized: "We hunted them down into caves, those who were still active".

Moreover, Putin said that during his presidency and premiership the statutes and constitutions of the constituent parts of the Russian Federation had been fully brought in line with the constitution of the Russian Federation. He recalled that in 2000 the regions' statutes and constitutions contained everything but the fact that they were constituent parts of the Russian Federation.

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