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Russia promises appropriate, complete response to European ABM threat - Defense Ministry

Missile Defense LaunchMOSCOW. June 6 (Interfax) - Russia will give an appropriate and complete response to the threat to its strategic nuclear forces coming from the NATO missile defense system in Europe, Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said in an interview published by the Monday issue of the newspaper Kommersant.

"We do not give any ultimatums in the missile defense dialogue and we do not thrust the sectoral approach on our partners. If anyone suggests an acceptable option, we may agree with it. The main thing we must do is to find mutually acceptable terms of cooperation. If that does not happen and NATO missile defense suppresses the potential of the Russian strategic nuclear forces, this factor will be naturally taken into account," he said.

"The response will be full and go beyond modernization of weapons to penetrate through missile defense," he said.

Further relations in the missile defense sphere, including cooperation with Western partners, depend on many factors, the deputy minister said.

"We may be unaware of some (of these factors) so far. At the same time, we are inspired with being listened to and with attempts to understand our arguments and opinions. There is no common position, but it is important to preserve the constructive atmosphere and to avoid confrontation rhetoric," he said.

The sectoral approach proposed by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at the Russia-NATO Lisbon summit "created a window of opportunities for breakthrough decisions in the missile defense sphere. It must be used 100%," he said.

It is possible to begin with small steps or experiments in missile defense, at the same as it happens in any project, Antonov said.

"However, the final goal of our interaction must be declared clearly. If they want us to be an equal partner, that is one thing. If we are invited to resolve certain problems, that is not acceptable. Russian military experts are ready to cooperate and exchange information about missile attack warning systems and so on but, alas, essential matters have not been agreed upon," he said.


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