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Novaya Gazeta Hopes For Progress in Politkovskaya Murder Probe

MOSCOW. May 4 (Interfax) - Novaya Gazeta Editor-in-Chief Sergei Sokolov said the extension of the criminal inquiry into reporter Anna Politkovskaya murder case is of technical nature.

"The criminal investigation is extended by six months each year, which is a purely technical thing," Sokolov told Interfax on Wednesday in comments on the Investigative Committee's announcement that the probe has been extended until September.

Hopefully, investigators will finally bring charges against people involved in Politkovskaya's murder, he said.

"Investigators have not been sharing their achievements with us. As often the case with them, they will probably make some sort of announcement by the fifth anniversary of the murder. I hope they will make some progress after all," Sokolov said.

"The executor of the murder is abroad. I understand Investigative Committee and Interior Ministry officials have travelled abroad jointly quite a few times. The results have not been disclosed. Concerning the organizer of the murder, it is a matter of a very distant future," he said.

"We on our part have not been sitting back, merely watching. We will probably find something and we have been trying to cooperate," he also said.

"We hope at least some suspects will find themselves in court. I don't know how quickly this will happen, but we remain hopeful this will happen soon. People who have been tried already (the Makhmudov brothers) will probably reappear in the prisoner' box. Nothing prevents the investigators from bringing charges against them again," Sokolov said.

The Politkovskaya murder probe has been extended until September 7 2011.


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