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Citizens divided on whether order or disorder has upper hand in Russia

Crowd of Demonstrators with Flares Near Kremlin in EveningMoscow, 17 January: Over a third of the Russian population (38 per cent) have a rather dim impression of the direction in which the country is moving and which tasks the leadership has set for the country. Such are the findings of a poll conducted by the Levada Centre on 17-21 December in 45 regions of Russia.

Some 15 per cent of those polled had a fairly clear impression of the country's direction of movement. Some 30 per cent of those polled had no impression of what is happening.

Some 12 per cent said affairs in the country had been let slide, while 6 per cent had trouble answering the question.

The poll also showed that a third of respondents (33 per cent) thought that "the imposition of order" was happening in Russia (against 42 per cent in 2009). However, almost as many people (28 per cent), on the contrary, talk about the rise of disorder (against 19 per cent in 2009).

Like a year ago, 11 per cent said that the establishment of an authoritarian regime was under way in the country, while 19 per cent had trouble answering.

Replying to the sociologists' question, 57 per cent of Russians expressed the opinion said that the president should coordinate the activity of the government, State Duma and bodies of the judicial system.

Some 22 per cent of respondents spoke in favour of the division of power between the three branches of authority. The same number could not answer the question.

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