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Opposition Dislike Putin's Coalition Idea As They Lose Popularity - Ruling Party

Moscow, 11 May: The leadership of the One Russia party believes that the opposition's negative perception of an idea to create an All-Russia People's Front (a broad coalition of various political and public forces and associations suggested by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin) is because of that the opposition is increasingly loosing its popularity with the society.

"The criticism of the creation of All-Russia People's Front and the manner in which it is being expressed by representatives of opposition parties only demonstrate vexation of the opposition who once again has to sign under its own powerlessness and unpopularity," secretary of the presidium of One Russia's General Council and State Duma deputy Sergey Neverov told journalists today. The leaders of opposition parties perfectly understand that they will never be able to unite around themselves even a tenth of the movements and public associations which already expressed today their readiness to join the front, he said. Neverov added that "numerous attempts by both rightists and leftists to gather at least two at a time always end with scandals and squabbles".

He said that associations presenting the most diverse strata of society would join the front. "Our opponents reproach us for that the faces of the front's participants are widely known faces of One Russia. For many years we have really been working in close contact with (associations) to solve people's problems, to improve their living standards, we have common positions, aims and principles," Neverov said. This is precisely why the country knows the faces and organizations which are going to enter the front, he said. "Unlike Nemtsov, Ryzhkov and Gozman who, according to sociologists, are known to a few people," Neverov added. "The only thing the opponents are right about is that we will go for elections to the State Duma together and we expect to get a majority," he said.

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