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New study: "Digital Kremlin": Power and the Internet in Russia

Little Girl at Laptop Computre Next to GlobeFrom: Infos Russie <info.russie.nei@ifri.org>
Subject: New study: "Digital Kremlin": Power and the Internet in Russia
Date: Tue, 3 May 2011

Online Collection Russie.Nei.Visions The Ifri Russia/NIS Center is very glad to inform you that the 59th issue of Russie.Nei.Visions has just been published:

Julien Nocetti, "Digital Kremlin": Power and the Internet in Russia

The Russian Internet, which has undergone considerable development in the last decade, remains subject to constant scrutiny from the Kremlin. Digital technology has posed a challenge to the governance and political legitimacy of the ruling class, which has been anticipated by President Medvedev. In a bid for technological independence from the major information technology players (American firms for the most part), the Russian government is seeking to fragment the web to extract from it a Russian component, facilitating the establishment of subtle state regulation. This "russification" of the web ties the private sector closely to state initiatives, and will be something to watch carefully in the run-up to presidential elections in 2012.

As usual, these papers are available in English, in French, and in Russian
Information and free subscription: info.russie.nei@ifri.org

Dr. Thomas Gomart (editor), Tatiana Kastueva-Jean (coordination and editing),

Dominic Fean (English-version editing), Julien Nocetti (French-version editing), and Catherine Meniane (contacts).

The Russian pages are available directly from our Center's homepage:

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