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Russian envoy hopes NATO summit will lay to rest Cold War ghosts

NATO MeetingBrussels, 25 October: After current consultations and contacts between partners in the Russia-NATO Council the council is to hold a meeting at the level of envoys on 10 November, Dmitriy Rogozin, Russia's permanent envoy to NATO, has told Interfax. According to him, the meeting "is expected to endorse the main parameters of the next summit (between Russia and NATO in Lisbon on 20 November)".
"It would be very good if at the nearest meetings an aspen stake could be sharpened that will be driven into the painful ghosts of the Cold War," Rogozin told Interfax on Monday (25 October). (according to Russian folklore tradition, an aspen stake protects against evil spirits and people used to drive it into the grave of a sorcerer, so that he could do no harm after his death)

According to Rogozin, the very fact that the Russia-NATO summit is to be held in Lisbon "is an event in itself". But one would like to hope that some serious draft decisions will be ready before delegations leave for the Portuguese capital, the permanent envoy said.

As the most important topic Rogozin singled out a review of common threats the Russia-NATO Council has been working on in the past year. "This is a breakthrough document which proves that neither Russia threatens NATO nor NATO could be a military threat to the Russian Federation," the diplomat stressed.

"Presidents and heads of state in Lisbon will face a very difficult challenge: can Russia, Europe and America agree not just to talk but also to act, and to restore deep trust in the process of acting," the Russian permanent envoy said.

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