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Russia to form group for missile defense cooperation with NATO in March - Rogozin

Missile Defense LaunchMOSCOW. Feb 22 (Interfax) - A Russian interdepartmental group in charge of cooperation with NATO in developing a missile defense shield will be set up in March, Russia's envoy to the alliance Dmitry Rogozin said.

"An interdepartmental working group is now being formed. It will be created before March 18, or maybe earlier, if circumstances permit," Rogozin said at a news conference at the Interfax central office in Moscow on Tuesday.

The group will be responsible for "effectively coordinating the entire negotiating process with our partners in NATO on the counter-missile dossier," he said.

Rogozin, who was recently appointed as the Russian president's special representative for missile defense cooperation with NATO, said that the head of state was personally supervising the issue.

- - The topic of Russia-NATO cooperation is extremely complicated, he said.

"It is difficult because, on one hand, the Russian Federation has been receiving various invitations to join this project, but when we begin examining these invitations more closely, they resemble one phrase: "if you pass by my house, just pass by"," Rogozin said.


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